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A Discord bot

Yoshino is a bot that features some fun commands and some Moderation commands. I'm always looking for stuff to be added to Yoshino, and I really do hope to see some suggestions, my DMs are always open. Find a flaw? Something wrong or something odd going on? Do the same as suggestions~

Made by Ryosuke

Discord Bots
Command Arguments Notes
Command Arguments Notes
8ball [question] Ask the BALL!
anime [anime] Searches [anime] on MAL.
manga [manga] Searches [manga] on MAL.
ban [user] bans [user].
kick [user] kicks [user].
softban [user] softbans [user].
hackban [user] hackbans [user].
mute [user] mutes [user].
unmute [user] unmutes [user].
purge [int] purges/deletes [int] number of messages.
qwant [query] Searches [query] on qwant.
help gives u help.
kiss [user] kiss [user]
hug [user] hugs [user].
pat [user] pats [user].
lewd o//o"
cuddle [user] cuddles [user].
lick [user] licks [user].
nom NoM, NOM, nOm.
nyan Nyahahah.
owo What's this?.
pout o3o
slap [user] slaps [user]
smug ....
stare [user] Stare [user].
tickle [user] tickle [user].
triggered TRIGGERED!!!
botinfo Gives info on the bot.
uinfo [user] info on the [user].
ginfo [user] info on the current guild.
channel [#channel] channel info .
avatar [user] return avatar of the [user].
guildicon Returns Guild's icon.
wiki [query] Searches wikipedia for [query].
wordused [word] Returns how many times [word] was used in chat.
jisho [query] search for japanese word.
urban [word] gets urban definition on the [word].
poll use //help poll to know more make a straw poll.
rpoll use //help poll to know more. starts a reaction poll for time 't' seconds.
define [query] gets definition for [query].
osu [user] returns the OSU! stats on [user].
taiko [user] OSU! taiko stats on [user].
ctb [user] OSU! catch the beat stats on [user].
mania [user] OSU! mania stats on [user].
how2bot How to make a python bot!.
dog random dog.
cat random cat.
kemonomimi Fetch a random animal-eared person.
coin Flip a coin.
rwg Randomly generate a word.
google [stuff to search] searches on Google.
sauce [url] gets the source of an image.
translate [language] [sentence] translates [sentence] to provided [language].
roll [expression] Roll some dice, using D&D syntax. Examples: roll 5d6 - Roll five six sided dice. roll 1d20 2d8 - Roll one twenty sided die, and two eight sided dice.